Start taking care of your
musculoskeletal health today!
 3D Posture Analyzer 
 Moti Physio 

Provides scientific, objective,

and precise posture analysis.

Moti physio is  perfect for all 
 Posture management 

You can explain to your customer with quantified 

data by Moti Physio.

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The only  3D posture analyzer 
Shows the customer's musculoskeletal
 structure as a 3D graphics

By rendering the results from a posture analysis into a 3D skeleton model, 

Moti Physio can help users communicate more effectively with customers.

Quantified indicators

Provides 10 scientific metrics measuring

the dysfunction in the 3D skeleton model.

Muscle shapes

and conditions in 3D

Identifies 87 types of asymmetric muscle
conditions and renders them into a 3D
Skeleton model.

All about Skeleton,

 Muscle and Movement


Analysis of Dynamic 

Compensation Assessments

Helps objectively explain imbalance of movement,

and sees the posture angles from various perspectives. 

Moti Physio,
the ultimate 3D posture analyzer

Start taking care of your

musculoskeletal health today!

 3D Posture Analyzer 
 Moti Physio 

Provides scientific, objective,

and precise posture analysis.

Moti Physio is

perfect for all Posture

management applications

Moti Physio is

widely used across

various industries

The only 3D posture analyzer

Shows customer's

musculoskeletal structure as

 3D graphics 

By rendering the results from

a posture analysis into

a 3D skeleton model,

Moti Physio can help users

communicate more effectively

with customers.

Quantified indicators

Provides 10 scientific

metrics measuring the dysfunction

in the 3D skeleton model.

Muscle shapes

and conditions in 3D

identifies 87 types of asymmetric

muscle conditions and renders them

into a 3D Skeleton model.

Provides analysis

of various postures

using motion tests

Helps objectively

explain body imbalance,

and see the posture angles from

various perspectives.

Moti Physio,
The ultimate 3D posture analyzer