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5 Jan 2024

Dear potential partners for making people healthier,

Thank you for your interest in a partnership!

For the partnership, we need

1. Your information!

Please submit the form below for a better understanding of your company!

Our priority is the better health of everyone. We want partners who agree with our priority and meet the below criteria to prove the capability of spreading the value of Moti Physio for the better health of people. 

  • Respect for mutual partnership

  • Stable company status for investment

  • Transparent communication and willingness to learn and provide feedback

  • Decent customer service attitude, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm of success and skills in management and leadership

  • aspiration to expansion and growth

  • Already active in the field of distribution of medical or similar technology.

  • Have the financial and staff resources to actively provide all the immediate customer service including technical support.

2. Google Meet!

We’d like to get to know each other in an online meeting with an online demonstration. Experience Moti Physio! During and after the meeting, we will discuss the details and the next steps together. 

3. To sign a contract!

Once we agree on the terms and conditions of the agreement, we sign for a 3-month contract as an adaptation period for each other. Once we both agree, it will lead to contract renewal for 1 year every year. 

4. Transparent cooperation!

We share all the related information including marketing materials, customer feedback, technical support solutions and more for better customer experience and partnership.

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24 Apr 2023


We are open to adding new features based on your or your clients' needs to ensure the better experience.

Contact :

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7 Apr 2023

00. The minimum space required for posture analysis is provided below, but it is recommended that the space for dynamic assessment be 1.5 times larger

To ensure accurate results, please make sure there is at least 50cm of space between the equipment and both side and back walls. Additionally, be sure not to block the camera's field of view. Having more space is advantageous for achieving accurate results. 

01. Set your mat on a flat surface

If the floor where the camera stand placed is uneven, the measurable height can be reduced by up to 160 cm. Also note that uneven floors can cause errors.

02. Avoid exposure to sunlight when taking measurements

The camera of Moti-Physio uses infrared light. Sunlight contains a lot of infrared light, which can confuse the sensor part of the camera that reads infrared light. Therefore, please use in an environment that does not expose you to sunlight (such as using a blackout curtain). Additionally, please place it in a place where there is  no reflective material such as a mirror.

03. Clear the area around the mat

Errors may occur if there are walls around where you are standing, so make sure you have enough space.

Set the minimum separation distance between the mat and the side or back wall where you are standing to 50cm.

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7 Apr 2023

[System requirements for Installing Moti-Physio Software]

OS: Windows 10 64bit or Windows 11 64bit (MacOS unavailable currently)

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 10th ⬆︎ (“Not Available : AMD Radeon R7 M260” ) 

GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics 630 ⬆︎

USB Port: USB2.0 or USB3.0 1ea

RAM: 8GB ⬆︎

Storage: 10GB ⬆︎

Internet should be always connected

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (fixed)

Computers which cannot meet the above requirements cannot run Moti Physio

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20 Mar 2023

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or local sales partner, please contact us via email (, provide us with your company profile file and submit the form below.  

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20 Mar 2023

A. Static Analysis: Using an RGB-D camera, we capture front, side, back, and Adam's Test images, and analyze skeletal asymmetry through deep learning. Based on the analyzed data, we evaluate 11 spots such as Forward Head Posture, Asymmetrical Shoulder Height, C7-CSL x-axis distance, and Pelvic Axial Rotation, using physiotherapy theories such as the Janda Approach and Anatomy Trains. Then, we analyze the relative tension and weakness of 87 muscles. Accordingly, we create a digital twin of customers' body data and reconstruct the 3D skeleton and muscles.

B. Dynamic Analysis: Actions such as the Overhead Squat Assessment and Single Leg Stand required, and deep learning used to analyze the pattern of each joint's movement for results.

C. Additional features will be continuously updated in the future.

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20 Mar 2023

No, MOTI PHYSIO is not certified as a medical device yet. 

Medical device certification has different definitions and procedures in each region. We plan to launch a Medical Device Certification for Moti-Physio in 2024.(CE medical, FDA)

Currently, Moti-Physio is not medical device. So, its purpose is only screening & monitoring for patients’ rehabilitation status or process of musculoskeletal care service. 

Moti-Physio is not a medical device, but it is designed for screening and monitoring patients' rehabilitation status or musculoskeletal care services.  

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20 Mar 2023

Moti Physio's result shows in degrees. As a result of the experiment, when the error test was performed with the mannequin standing up, the maximum error was about 1.5 degrees. 

Clothing fits are important for Moti Physio. We recommend wearing tight clothing as much as possible. And you have to test in a space without sunlight to get an accurate result. 

There is no human error in Moti Physio because of no intervention of the practitioner. And intra reliability is explained by a pearson correlation coefficient. Its value is 0.6-0.8 in each parameter. This clinical trial was conducted on 100 people.  This result has been published in two SCIE-level journals.

< References >

A. Appraisal of the New Posture Analyzing and Virtual Reconstruction Device (PAViR) for Assessing Sagittal Posture Parameters: A Prospective Observational Study

B. Validity and Reliability of a Non-Radiographic Postural Analysis Device Based on an RGB-Depth Camera Comparing EOS 3D Imaging: A Prospective Observational Study

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20 Mar 2023

Korean, English, Japanese version are available currently as of March 2023

Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese will be available in 2024